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LWA FoodShares: People Changing Their Neighborhoods

Jimmy Spencer Jr.
LWA FoodShare Participant
Things change when neighborhoods work together to feed one another. It galvanizes everyones dignity and humanity.

Sometimes programs that ‘help’ people while feeding their belly’s strip their dignity. I’m happy our FoodShares encourage not just taking food but building community thru sharing food resources LWA connects them with. I’ve witnessed the personal transformation of men, women and children who were once skeptical, stand-offish and disenfranchised…become community stalwarts inspiring those around them.

Our FoodShare strategy is simple.Connect people willing to work to feed their neighborhood with socially responsible grocery stores who want to partner with Love Without Agenda.

Here is how it works. Stores like Trader Joe’s donate unsellable goods to Love Without Agenda. LWA partners with community houses, social responsible organizations, local innovators and good hearted churches. Each partner is assigned a day, store and pick-up schedule. LWA FoodShare Partners drive their van to the location, pick up the food, drive it back to their neighborhood, sort the food and work with the neighborhood families to get it re-distributed to people in need.

This simple strategy allows neighbors to work together to feed their own neighborhood. It allows people in each neighborhood to decide how the food is shared, and is a flexible, simple and dignified way for people to get some amazingly healthy food to needy families.

It’s extremely effective and efficient. Currently, we’re only working with 3 stores in Chicago. These three stores and their corresponding FoodShares redistribute an average of $8,000 to $10,000 of free food a week. That is an average of $416,000 to $520,000 worth of food each year redistributed with the simple partnership of a few generous grocery stores and a few willing volunteers—and a few collaborative neighborhoods.

With the help of socially responsible corporations like Trader Joe’s and LWA volunteers like you…we’re helping neighbors feed one another. We’re helping neighborhoods change themselves—restoring and reminding everyone of their value and dignity. The LWA FoodShare program is just one example of how Love Without Agenda maximizes your ability to change the world—and yourself—one act of love at a time.

Thanks to everyone who makes neighborhoods better thru their local LWA FoodShare!
  • Tracy

    I live in a pretty small community but I see a great need all around me and want to do what I can to help but I need help, our church was doing a monthly food/clothing give away but we are not sure the program will be continuing with the new year and our pantry is low. God has laid it on my heart to help with this and I am feeling lost, but I saw your organization on Tony Campolo’s show and saw a glimmer of hope! Any information/help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

  • http://twitter.com/jimmyspencerjr Jimmy Spencer

    Hi Tracy,

    Feel free to drop us an email at info at lovewithoutagenda.com and provide us a bit more information. We would be happy to talk further about a possibility of helping you feed your neighborhood!

  • Tracy

    Okay I sent an email with more info and haven’t heard back just making sure that someone got it, I know it is a very busy time of the year. Looking forward to hearing back from you.

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