Love Without Agenda specializes in maximizing community service. We have both individual members and partner organizations that are working together to achieve the greatest good in neighborhoods across the globe.

What We Do & Why We Do It

#1.We’re primed to change the face of community service with our web platform called Glocal. Glocal (global + local) will be a destination for individuals who wants to find a place to serve—while simultaneously creating a platform for organizations to showcase & share their community service work with glocal volunteers. It will do for community service what Yelp did for restaurant reviews, Groupon is doing for coupons, and Craigslist did for the classifieds— each providing a free & mutually beneficial platform for society.

#2.While we’re building Glocal—our coalition works together where it can. We’re busy connecting volunteers and community service events, programs and trips. We’re helping charities, businesses, corporations and social innovators find each other and do a bunch of good now. (see an example here). LWA is also busy gathering individual members and partner organizations to help populate Glocal.

#3. What motivates us? Our individual members and partner organizations have all joined Love Without Agenda because we recognize the inherent value of all people and we’re committed to steadfastly acting upon that without agenda.

We’re Different…In Really Healthy Way

We’re a ‘Group Status’ 501c3 based in Chicago Illinois.Our Group Status gives us special legal ability to extend our non-profit status over qualified community work. This means that people who do community work can apply to become LWA chapters.We call them—Extended Partners and while they operate as independent businesses they receive the benefits of non-profit status thru Love Without Agenda.

This changes our strategy! Instead of a top-down approach—we’re empowering local people to identify and act upon the needs in their community, and we’re maximizing their important work. This approach helps a community’s individual needs while simultaneously creating an network of social innovators that help one another with ideas, resources and encouragement.

Combine this unique structure with the power our coming Glocal web platform— and we are indeed primed to change the face of community service.